Three agency profiles partners with Blazar Capital and launches new Shopify agency

Blazar Capital has built a portfolio of ambitious DTC brands in the recent years, supporting with website development and optimization. Blazar wants to offer this knowledge to other companies and therefore partners up with three agency profiles with a past in Dentsu & WPP and launch the company Mercive.

From left: Pascar Sivam, Christian Dunbar, Christian Arnstedt, Simon Olesen & Alexander Weidinger. 

Blazar Capital has experienced increasing external demand for building and optimizing e-commerce stores over a long period of time. They have not yet had the capacity and setup to handle the enquiries, but that is now changing in their new partnership with Alexander, Christian & Simon. 

The partnership has emerged from a shared understanding and vision for the Shopify agency of the future. A combination of Blazar Capital’s commercial understanding and the boys’ international experience from the agency world, will form the foundation for a strong partnership. 

We have long wanted to expand our e-commerce setup and I fell in love with the energy and drive of the three boys. That's why I'm very excited about the establishment of Mercive and the future collaboration with Alexander, Christian & Simon. 

Christian Arnstedt

The three agency professionals have long worked with global brands at Dentsu & WPP and have been keen to use that knowledge to develop ambitious e-commerce websites in an increasingly complex market. The current setup suits them well in terms of scaling the business and they have already signed with a number of exciting brands ahead of the launch.  

Combining Web Development, Design, Technology & Data, Mercive will deliver bespoke Shopify solutions, focusing on the entire customer journey to create a more personalised customer experience. 

Alexander joins from Wunderman Thompson MAP and has extensive experience in e-commerce, helping both global and locally based brands scale online. With his holistic approach to the profession, he understands how to run a profitable e-commerce business.

Simon brings international commercial experience from New York, where he previously drove strategic projects for agency group Dentsu. He most recently supported digital transformation projects for global brands at Wunderman Thompson MAP.

Christian has worked for 6 years as a full-stack developer at Wunderman Thompson MAP. There he led a product team focused on commercial product development, efficiency, automation and global scaling of the company’s operational organization.

We're all grateful for the learning and people we've met over the years, and the opportunity to work with some of the world's biggest brands. Now we're looking forward to getting up close and personal with ambitious DTC brands and helping them scale their business. Blazar Capital's mindset and agility is an incredible fit for the way we want to run an agency.

Simon Olesen
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