Conversion Rate Optimization

We identify optimization opportunities through data and iterative A/B tests. Our specialists build your CRO strategy supported by well-defined KPIs in collaboration with your company’s overall strategy.

CRO is an essential exercise for every ambitious e-commerce brand. It helps maximize the number of visitors who complete anaction like a purchase or sign-up. With increased advertising costs, it is crucial that brands implement an ongoing CRO strategy for continuing growth.

Not only does it drive more revenue, but it also helps provide a better customer experience that will increase customer lifetime value and build trust.

To begin CRO you need to utilize analytics tools to gather data on user behaviour, conversion rates, and funnel drop-offs. These are required activities to build the foundation for analyzing data to identify areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions.

At Mercive we help brands build their CRO strategy and execute the ongoing tests. That entitles everything from analyzing the behaviour, building hypotheses, designing and setting up the A/B split tests, and implementing the winners.

This is relevant if you:

Want to increase sales through an optimized website
Want to get more out of your marketing activities and spend
Wish to improve customer experience through speed and navigation
Want to gather better customer insights to make data-driven optimization decisions

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