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Discover how we enabled a new headless architecture for a great brand experience and fostered enduring customer relations through great development work, bringing Chamberlain Coffee's vision to life and creating a digital ecosystem that resonates with their engaging brand identity.

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We're Mercive.
We help brands unlock their full potential through development and design.

On a mission to scale DtC brands through digital excellence.

At Mercive, we build seamless end-to-end e-commerce experiences tailored to your needs. We are your e-commerce partner, that combines creative excellence with cutting edge technology to deliver an immersive customer experience.


E-commerce Partners

We offer a complete suite of services to help you scale your online business, including CRO analysis, Platform migration, e-commerce strategy, headless commerce, design and development.

We partner with ambitious brands, guiding towards smart decisions in the e-commerce space while providing ongoing optimization and support.


Strategy, Design & Development

We build websites that are both visually appealing and meet all requirements for UX & functionality. Whether you seek to enhance the performance of your site, upgrade to a new design or need digital consultancy – we got you.

Our process starts by diving into your business, customers, and objectives, and gaining deep insights. From there, we create a strategy rooted in our findings, ensuring it is optimized to achieve your specific goals.

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You partner up with us

We believe in collaborating with our clients as partners. Our goal is to establish a relation where we can work closely together on identifying your needs and goals.

We want a deep understanding of your business, customers, and objectives.


We define and plan

We create a strategy for you that unifies your business goals, creative requirements, and technical constraints to help you achieve your goals.

We don’t compromise with turning your vision into reality and will always guide you towards optimization and scalability.


We dive deep

We do all the hard work for you. We work with an integrated approach to develop immersive and functional e-commerce experiences that stand out from the crowd.

We want to be your partner in scaling your business and accompanying you on the path to success.

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Selected Features

Mix&Match Studio

Create your very own personal mix of bedding with Mix&Match Studio. The feature allows customers to personalize DAWN's percale bedding effortlessly. With intuitive drop-down menus, customers can choose their preferred sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase sizes, as well as their favorite colors – all while getting a discount on all items.

Dawn Designs
BLS Hafnia

Experts in Shopify

Our team is specialized in scaling merchants on Shopify, focusing on and dedicated to creating quality solutions that create both short- and long-term value for our clients.

Take your digital strategy to new heights with our experts in development, design and strategy to unleash your full e-commerce potential.

80% of our clients are on Shopify Plus, and we have solid experience in utilizing the functionalities and options that a Shopify Plus subscription provides. 

Words about us

“Mercive manages to balance between equal parts hands-on development and implementation combined with an eye for our overall strategic roadmap. We needed a partner who could see our business holistically. We were not "just" looking for a Shopify agency, but rather a strategic partner - and this is exactly what makes us work integrated across platforms and channels.”

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Jonas Qwist
Global Marketing Director
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"Mercive has been a very knowledgeable partner throughout the process. They have incredible technical skills, a great understanding of our brand and a strong professional foundation, which makes it a smooth collaboration. They think several steps ahead in the process, whereby we often are able to save time and money in the long term, as we think of all solutions in a larger context of the user journey. I can strongly recommend them as a partner.”

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Christian Sonne
Head of E-commerce
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“It is essential for us that our partners listen to our needs and that our intuition feels right. From the first meeting with Mercive, we could feel that we were in good hands. We would highly recommend Mercive to any business looking to improve their Shopify setup and create a better customer experience.”

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Sebastian Thorhauge
E-commerce Manager
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“From the first meeting, we could tell that Joseph Copenhagen and Mercive would be a good match. Together with Mercive, we made a strategy for our E-Commerce and Shopify, where all our wishes have been acted upon in a short time. Mercive has lifted Joseph Copenhagen to the next level and made life as business owners much easier, as well as giving us a sense of security on our drop evenings in the form of their enormous expertise and professional setup.”

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Josephine Havmøller, Founder
Aske Lundsgaard, Director
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“It has been a pleasure working with Mercive from day one. In addition to ensuring that our website performs, they have especially also helped Klub Venus on a more strategic level. I can only recommend working with Mercive.”

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Melissa Hartelus
CEO & Founder
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Copenhagen Office

Vestergade 18E, 3.
1456 Copenhagen
CVR: 43399233

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