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Bareen came into the world based on a goal to create a really good t-shirt. Neither more nor less. A t-shirt that was ideal in terms of both quality, price, production, durability and fit. 'Bare En T-shirt' we called it, which directly translates to 'Just A T-shirt' in Danish. Because that's what it was. An uncomplicated t-shirt that in all its simplicity just worked - on all parameters.

With a strong desire to enhance their content and elevate the user experience on their webshop, Bareen has long sought to align their online presence with the sleeker identity they have cultivated. Recognizing the importance of high-quality content and its ability to engage both visitors and loyal customers, they decided to move to a headless commerce setup.

Elevating the user experience with Headless Commerce

We initiated the project with a thorough discovery and define phase, aiming to understand the specific requirements. We then crafted a detailed project plan that outlined all the necessary steps for a successful implementation. Prior to diving into development, we designed a full wireframe, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user interface. It was important that the new design and features were able to increase conversion rates and average order value.

The project took a mobile-first approach, ensuring a seamless experience for users on smartphones and tablets. Additionally, we incorporated a range of great features to elevate the overall customer experience, including intuitive navigation, a well-designed PDP, a smooth checkout process, personalized product recommendations, and interactive features on collection pages.

Headless Commerce is designed to drive growth, by leveraging the newest and best technology from the ecommerce landscape.

High webspeed and improved conversion rates

Adopting Headless Commerce has brought significant advantages for their new technical setup. Bareen can unlock flexibility in designing unique shopping experiences that align with their brand identity. The improved performance ensures faster page load times, which also helps on conversion and bounce rates.

Since the launch we have seen the bounce rate drop with 6,18% and an increased conversion rate on 14%. That really emphasizes how bareen now have the ability to engage their customers and boost efficiency across the digital touchpoints.

The scalability and agility of headless commerce empower bareen to quickly adapt to evolving market demands and experiment with different designs to continuously maximizing conversions. They now have the platform to deliver immersive user experiences.

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