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Chamberlain Coffee

2022 - Ongoing

Development & Strategy

Enabling the brand identity

Chamberlain Coffee offers a variety of coffee products, including whole bean coffee, ground coffee, RTD, matcha, cold brew & coffee accessories. Emma Chamberlain emphasizes the importance of high-quality, sustainable sourcing and aims to provide a personalized and enjoyable coffee experience for her followers and customers.

To reach their needs they were seeking enhanced functionality, a seamless user experience and personalized features. They wanted a platform that truly reflected their brand identity while nurturing stronger customer relationships.

Lightning fast, strong product features and personalized subscriptions

Through a customer-centric approach, we developed great features and functionalities to support an immersive digital experience. Through interactive design we were bringing the colours to life and were able to create a playful but consistent user experience.

With the goal of building long lasting relations with the community and customers, we integrated Recharge for subscriptions – to consistently provide the customers with the products that they like. It was important that the subscription opportunity was an integrated part of the product detail page and easy to navigate. Through the user journey we also integrated an AI based product recommendation, to increase relevance and opportunities for product discovery.

The solution supported personalization through all pages, including homepage, collection page, product page, slider cart and checkout. We did not only want to provide a great user experience, but it was also about increasing average order value and conversion rate to maximize revenue opportunities.

Promoting a great customer experience

Since launch of the new website Chamberlain Coffee has experienced remarkable results, establishing themselves as a prominent player in the coffee industry. Their webshop has played a pivotal role in promoting strong brand values and supporting all the great things the team has been doing across all channels. Including the newly released partnership between Emma Chamberlain and Kendall Jenner from 818 Spirits promoting the Espresso Martini Kit.

Chamberlain has witnessed a substantial improvement across key performance indicators, reflecting their ability to promote their products – without forgetting the customer.

In addition to the impressive performance, Chamberlain Coffee has successfully expanded into new markets and further enhancing their reach and customer base. Today you will also find Chamberlain in Walmart, selling their new RTD Cold Bew Lattes – making it even more convenient for their audience.

Simple user experience and great functionality

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