Custom Application Development

We develop solutions for everything, including building connections between Shopify and other systems, as well as developing functionality that extends the native functionality of Shopify and its ecosystem of partners.

Out-of-the-box solutions can be great to extend functionality or improve certain things within your e-commerce business. But sometimes you need extra functionality or other requirements for it to work with your tech stack.

We develop custom applications that are tailored to your needs and help automate and implement functionality, processes, or repeating tasks within your organization. Whether it is Shopify or a 3rd party integration, we can help you determine the requirements and build the custom solution that will solve your problem.

At Mercive we have helped lots of brands excel through our custom solutions, that have given them the flexibility to scale further without making major investments or migrations to other platforms or out-of-the-box services.

This is relevant if you:

Have any technical issues between integrations or systems
Extend native functionality within your current eco-system
Are looking to automate processes
Want to empower your current tech stack

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