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Global expansion is an important path for business growth. At Mercive, we can help you navigate the complexities of entering new markets and execute your global expansion strategy. If you are ready to expand your business globally, we are ready to help you realize your potential.

Expanding an ecommerce business into new markets can be a significant opportunity for growth, but it also requires careful planning and execution.The foundation for a healthy expansion starts in a discover phase, outlining the requirements for your entire eco-system.We recommend building a framework that sets the direction for a structural approach to international scaling.

One of the common mistakes for companies is to make decisions to penetrate new markets based on assumptions rather than data. For example, many companies choose Sweden as their next market due to its proximity to Denmark, assuming that the two markets are similar. But more and more cases show that insufficient research can result in an unprofitable and challenging market entry.

With a strategic framework, we ensure that expansion decisions are based on a solid market analysis, which is based on performance data before an investment is made.

The framework consists of four phases. Each phase will have an associated success criteria that will determine the speed of progression to the next phase and support the decision-making process.

By setting success criteria for each phase, we avoid making unprofitable investments, but instead invest with the best conditions for profitability.

The phases are designed so that there will be a low-cost entry barrier in phase 1, after which the costs increase for each phase but also provide a potentially increasing return on investment.

This is relevant if you:

Are looking to expand into new markets
Have stagnated sales
Want to minimize risk to diversify revenue streams
Want to gain your customer base and improve your CRM effort

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