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Your webspeed performance affects your conversion rate and organic search ranking. That is exactly why it is so important that this has your focus, when working with ecommerce optimization.
It is too expensive for your business not to.

Webspeed performance has never been more relevant as consumers are getting used to the digital space and therefore have high expectations for general performance. A faster website will lead to a smoother experience and convert more visitors into customers. Facilitating a great experience also has a positive impact on purchase behavior and increases the likelihood of customers returning to make additional purchases.

It is estimated that for every extra second of load time, 10% of users will leave your site. That is a significant amount of potential revenue lost when you are likely spending a lot of money on advertising to drive traffic to your site. Google also considers website performance as a ranking factor in its search results, which affects your SEO activities.

At Mercive, we can help you optimize your webspeed performance by focusing on things like 3rd Party integrations, optimizing theme code, images, videos, minimizing HTTP requests, and JavaScript scripts.

This is relevant if you:

Want to increase conversion rate
Work with Search Engine Optimization
Want to reduce bounce rate
Seek to optimize your website for search engines and attract organic traffic

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