When sales are so high that Shopify’s Inventory
Management can’t handle the demand

Joseph Copenhagen

2023 - Ongoing

Design, Development & Strategy

Enabling the best of Shopify Plus

Joseph Copenhagen approached us with a strong desire to optimize their setup for drop days. They were struggling to handle the high traffic and demand within a short period, and their design did not align with their brand image.

Their main objectives were to enhance the customer experience, automate certain processes during drops to reduce risks and errors, and ensure a seamless future solution.

Immersive experience and automated inventory management

To better address their needs, we actively participated in one of their drops, immersing ourselves in every aspect that would inform the development needs of the new solution. With a primary focus on creating a user-friendly website, we designed a wireframe to outline the customer journey. Additionally, we determined essential functionalities such as a slider cart featuring AI-powered product recommendations, improved product browsing on the collection page, a quick view option, and upselling capabilities during checkout.

Lastly, we implemented an automated threshold setup using Shopify Flows to effectively manage inventory issues that Joseph Copenhagen had previously encountered, particularly overselling.

Next step on the journey is to expand the business into more markets through our strategic internationalization framework and introduce many new clients to the brand.

When customers can't get enough

Joseph Copenhagen has achieved remarkable results since the implementation of their new website and strategy. Since we launched, they have experienced significant improvements across key performance metrics, including a 42% increase in average order value, a 43% increase in conversion rate, a 33% increase in items added to the cart, and a 24% increase in the returning customer rate.

By focusing on monthly drops that consistently sell out, Joseph Copenhagen has successfully generated excitement and demand for their products.

The company's revamped website has played an important role in these achievements, as it has simplified the customer journey and made purchasing effortless. Through strategic upselling and inspiration throughout the browsing and checkout process, we have effectively capitalized on customer interest and maximized sales opportunities.

These outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of their customer-centric approach and their their ability to enhance profitability while cultivating customer loyalty in a highly competitive market.

Strong product features and subscription integration

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